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Food Machinery Grease 450g

MOLYSLIP FMG is NSF H1 registered and meets USDA 1998 H1 guidelines. A non-melting, non-toxic, waterproof, high-performance grease. It is regi...

Metal Working Fluid 350ml

MOLYSLIP MWF is a concentrated neat cutting fluid containing a unique oil-soluble molybdenum compound together with extreme pressure anti-weld addi...

Copaslip 500g

COPASLIP® is an anti-seize compound specially formulated to protect against seizure even in extreme conditions of temperature and pressure. It ...


Angled Railbolt Zip Bolt QT11.550

Zipbolt UT QT11.550
Angled Railbolt

The UT Angled Railbolt, primarily designed for the stair industry to solve the problem of secr...

Post Fastner Zip Bolt QT14.100

Super UT Newel Fastener

Introducing the new Super UT - Post Fastener, this improved model is an all metal design and features the Open Ch...

Worktop Connectors Zip Bolt QT10.700

Zipbolt UT QT10.700
165mm x 35mm

The Zipbolt UT 170mm is another size offering we have added to the growing Zipbolt family of conn...


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